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Breathing—this biological function keeps us alive, yet it’s so automatic we often forget its importance, and its profound healing powers. That’s why Oprah Daily’s new “The Life You Want” curriculum is devoted to breathwork. This series of instructional videos and articles will teach you how to breathe more fully and effectively and harness your breath to treat a range of health conditions, from asthma to anxiety to insomnia.

Kicking it off is our video event featuring Robert Litman, expert and author of The Breathable Body. In it, he explains concepts like breath-holding and how it relates to unprocessed trauma and can lead to irregular breathing patterns and disorders. He demonstrates how to take a really good breath (through the nose, yes, but also what to do with your eyes and, surprisingly, your tongue). And he dives into chest anxiety and provides breathing exercises to alleviate it. You’ll feel instantly better as you follow along.

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Last month, we dove into the world of menopause, featuring an unguarded conversation hosted by Oprah with Drew Barrymore, Maria Shriver, Sharon Malone, MD, and Heather Hirsch, MD. Watch it here, and head this way for our full menopause curriculum.

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