In what feels like the blink of an eye, menopause has evolved from an unpleasant (okay, miserable) transition women muddle through alone into an empowering rite of passage and booming wellness category. We now know that it affects every—every!—aspect of life, so we’ve created an entire curriculum to give you the tools to stay firmly in the driver’s seat as you navigate perimenopause and then menopause. P.S. This is just the first of many courses we'll be releasing over the coming months on topics that will help you live your best life.

To kick it all off, Oprah, Maria Shriver, Drew Barrymore; menopause experts Sharon Malone, MD, Heather Hirsch, MD, and Judith Joseph, MD; and a select group of Insiders came together for this thought-provoking “The Life You Want” conversation (in partnership with Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper).

Watch it, and then visit our entire menopause guide. In it, we tackle: managing symptoms (to hormone or not to hormone? spoiler alert: hormone). Surviving hot flashes, brain fog, and mood swings. Sex (it doesn’t have to hurt). Beauty (when did I dry up like a leaf?). And relationships (let’s bring men into menopause). We’re also explaining how plummeting estrogen impacts our heart, brain, and bone health. And finally, we are surfacing and bridging the inequities in diagnosis and treatment, ensuring care for women of every race and socioeconomic level; sharing wisdom from women over the hump (it gets better!), and digging into scientific research that might, just might, render all these issues obsolete.

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