Back-to-school season comes with mixed emotions for many parents. While moms and dads are sad to say goodbye to relaxed summer days with their kids, the return to a routine can come as a blessing. For superstar mom Carrie Underwood, the beginning of school is cause for a bit of celebration.

Underwood has two sons, Isaiah (8) and Jacob (4) with her husband, former hockey player Mike Fisher. In an interview for Carrie's Country, her new Sirius XM channel, she shared her back-to-school routine with her fans.

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Sirius captioned the post, "It’s #BackToSchool season so now you have to let your baby fly! @carrieunderwood has the best advice to get you through it 😭 Cry to “Mama’s Song” after drop-off when you stream @carriescountry on Ch. 60 and the #SXM app at the link in our bio!"

In the video, Underwood laughs and shares her tips: "My advice to parents sending their children back to school is mimosas on the first day. Drop em off baby, Go home, make yourself—Sometimes I order a mimosa, hold the OJ. And just enjoy a little quiet time. You love your kids, I know you love your kids. I love my kids so, so much. I love all the time I get to spend with them, but I also love when they just go to school for just a little bit so mama can have a mimosa and, like, mop the floor, you know?"

Fans left comments like, "Literally same" and "Lol...I hear ya!" Others pointed out that Underwood's situation is not that relatable to most parents. One wrote, "Honey, some of us have to work," and another siad, "She's such a sweet soul and this was intended to be cute and lighthearted's just...very out of touch in more ways than one."

Regardless of where you stand, we hope you're able to find a little me time during the back-to-school season.

From: Country Living US