Al Roker is always one to make us laugh on TV.

On August 9, fans of the daily morning show learned that Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie were not going to be on air that day. This left Roker, Craig Melvin and Jacob Soboroff to run the news panel, and they were busy filming promos ahead of various TV segments. But as they filmed one clip during a commercial break, Melvin and Soboroff decided to goof around and make silly faces behind Roker as he read the words written on the teleprompter.

"Best fruits and veggies, and keep them fresh for weeks!" he said as Melvin made hand motions and Soboroff wore his glasses on backward in a TikTok clip. "Today, Wednesday, August 9, 2023."

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When Roker caught onto Melvin and Soboroff's silly antics, he couldn't help but start laughing at what was going on. But when Today's stage manager Yosef Herzog slowly made his way into the frame, the weatherman made his own funny face and decided to play along with what was going on around him.

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"How disturbing is this?" he added. "Woo!"

Naturally, seeing all four men ham it up for the cameras had viewers cracking up, and they subsequently rushed to chuckle about the clip online. "Y’all so silly!!!" one person exclaimed on TikTok. "Can't leave them by themselves 😆😆😆," a different viewer laughed on Instagram.

Now, longtime viewers of the Today show know Roker is not afraid to get vocal on live television. In a separate taping that aired on August 8, fans saw him make an impassioned argument for why he doesn't like any food that has pumpkin spice flavor in it.

One thing's for sure — we can always count on Al to bring us a much-needed laugh!

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