Date Press release
07/18/2022 Nearly Half of Gen Z, Millennial Social Media Users Have Felt Negatively About Their
Finances After Seeing Others’ Posts
07/11/2022 Nearly 4 in 5 Travelers Have Experienced Issues This Year
06/23/2022 Majority Now Uncomfortable With Emergency Savings as More Balances Have Declined in Past Year
06/21/2022 Side Gig Income Becomes More Critical: 41% Need it for Living Expenses, up from 31% in 2019
06/13/2022 Los Angeles is the Worst Metro for First-Time Homebuyers; Pittsburgh is the Best
05/19/2022 Amid Market Volatility and Inflation, Less than 1 in 5 Will Increase Their Stock Market Investments This Year
05/2/2022 42% of U.S. Adults Say Money Negatively Impacts Their Mental Health
04/25/2022 69% of Summer Vacationers Anticipate Making Changes Due to Inflation
04/21/2022 Roughly 7 in 10 Gen Z, Millennial Student Loan Borrowers Delayed a Major Financial Decision as a Result of This Debt
04/4/2022 The Average Cost of Auto Insurance in the U.S. is $1,771 in 2022
03/30/2022 Nearly Two-Thirds Say Affordability Factors are Holding Them Back From Homeownership
03/14/2022 Over Half of Workforce Still Likely to Look for New Job in Next 12 Months
03/9/2022 Roughly 3 in 4 Say Inflation is Hurting Them Financially, Are Worried About Further Price Increases
02/22/2022 Concerns of Delays, Inflation, and More Have Two-Thirds Worried About Their Tax Refunds This Year
02/9/2022 Just 53% of Americans Have More Emergency Savings Than Credit Card Debt
02/7/2022 51% of U.S. Adults with a Subscription or Membership Account Have Incurred Unwanted Charges
01/19/2022 Just 44% of Americans Could Cover an Unplanned $1,000 Expense From Savings
01/10/2022 40% of Credit Card Debtors Don’t Know Their Interest Rate
01/04/2022 Gen Z and Millennials Paying More Than Three Times as Much in Monthly Checking Account Fees as Older Generations
12/20/2021 2 in 3 U.S. Adults Do Not Expect Personal Finances to Improve in 2022
12/13/2021 Over 4 in 10 Who Extended Financial Assistance to Friends and Family Suffered Consequences
12/6/2021 69% With Federal Student Loans Will Need to Take Additional Action to Afford Monthly Payments When Deferment Ends Next Year
11/22/2021 77% of U.S. Adults Experienced Product-Related Shopping Problems in October
11/17/2021 52% of Workers Feel Behind on Retirement Savings
11/15/2021 California Ranks as Worst State for Drivers, Ohio is the Best
10/27/2021 Majority of Workers (56%) Haven’t Received a Pay Raise or Promotion in the Past Year
10/25/2021 More Adults Likely to Attend a Live Event or Attraction in Q4 Than Q1, Q2, Q3 Combined
10/20/2021 Overdraft Fees Hit All Time High, Interest Checking Account Balance Requirements Soar
10/4/2021 Ranking the Most and Least Valuable College Majors
9/27/2021 59 Million Added to Credit Card Debt Since Beginning of COVID-19 Pandemic
9/20/2021 Three California Metros Top the List of Most Expensive Places to Insure a Teen Driver
9/15/2021 Americans Say Biggest Threat to the Economy Continues to be the Covid-19 Pandemic
8/25/2021 Higher Prices: Nearly Two-Thirds Say Increases Have Had Negative Financial Impact
8/23/2021 55% of Those in the Workforce Likely to Search for a New Job in the Next 12 Months
8/18/2021 Despite Record Low Rates, Less Than 1 in 5 With Pre-Pandemic Mortgages Have Refinanced
7/26/2021 U.S. Adults Total $15 Billion in Unused Gift Cards, Vouchers, Store Credits
7/21/2021 More Than Half Have Less Than 3 Months’ Emergency Savings
7/07/2021 Georgia Beats Out Florida, Emerges as #1 Best State to Retire in 2021
6/23/2021 Real Estate and Cash Are Americans’ Top Preferred Investments Over the Next 10 Years
6/22/2021 As Workers Return to Office, Majority Say Working From Home Improved Their Finances
5/19/2021 Many Parents Forced to Alter Work Schedules to Care for Children During Pandemic, Take on Debt for Summer Childcare
5/17/2021 64% of Millennial Homeowners Have Regrets: Maintenance and Hidden Costs Biggest Culprit
5/12/2021 Lasting Pandemic Effect – Americans Vow to Save More for Emergencies
4/19/2021 Just 16% Have a Ticket to a Future Live Event
4/14/2021 67% Receiving Stimulus Payment Say It’s Important to Their Near-term Financial Situation
4/7/2021 Millennials, Gen Z More Than Twice as Likely to Have Delayed a Financial Milestone Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
3/31/2021 2021 Annual Auto Insurance Premiums Average $1,674/year in the U.S.
3/24/2021 More Than Half of Investors Think the Stock Market is Rigged Against the Individual
3/22/2021 While Many Parents Cite Benefits of Remote Learning, Men and Women See It Differently
3/15/2021 31% of Young Adults Relocated During the Pandemic
3/03/2021 Housing Markets in Mountain West, Midwest Hottest Through End of 2020
2/24/2021 Even after COVID-19 Vaccination, Nearly a Quarter of U.S. Adults (24%) Won’t Be Comfortable Visiting Local Businesses
2/22/2021 31% of Rewards Cardholders Didn’t Redeem Any Points, Miles or Stays in 2020
2/10/2021 Barely Half Have More Emergency Savings Than Credit Card Debt
1/19/2021 71% of Recipients Say Stimulus Money Important to Near-Term Financial Situation, But Relief Won’t Last Long
1/13/2021 Those Financially Impacted by COVID-19 Paying Four Times More in Bank Fees
1/11/2021 Less Than 4-in-10 Could Pay an Unexpected $1,000 Expense Out of Savings
12/21/2020 Even in 2020, It’s Still Easy to Get Out of Credit Card Fees If You Ask
12/14/2020 48% With Homeowners Insurance, 38% With Auto Insurance Who Didn’t Review Their Policies This Year Should Have
12/09/2020 42% of Households Say Income is Below Pre-Pandemic Levels Because of COVID-19 Impact
11/23/2020 Nearly 1 in 3 Millennials Have Been Denied A Financial Product This Year Due to Credit Score
11/16/2020 27% of Mortgage Holders Don’t Know Their Interest Rate
10/28/2020 Over 9 in 10 Put Their Personal Data at Risk as Online Holiday Shopping Expected to Rise
10/21/2020 Interest Checking Account Fees Hit Record High, Average Yield Ties Record Low
10/14/2020 More Say Coronavirus Pandemic, Not Election Outcome, is the Biggest Threat to the Economy
10/7/2020 61% of Property Insurance Policyholders: “I’m Not Very Confident I Know My Deductible”
9/23/2020 Nearly Half Say Top Financial Priority Is ‘Getting Caught Up or Staying Current on Bills’
9/8/2020 Just Over One Quarter Say Finances Have Improved Under President Trump
9/2/2020 75% of Millennial Homeowners Will Spend Big on Upgrades This Year, But Nearly Half Will Go into Debt to Do So
8/20/2020 Nearly 3x Americans Report Having Less, Versus More, Emergency Savings Now Than Before the Pandemic
8/19/2020 More Than Half Have Lost Money on Their Canceled Events Due to Covid-19
8/13/2020 More Than 3 in 5 Parents Say Remote Learning Would Negatively Impact Their Finances
7/23/2020 Americans Now Point to Stock Market as Favorite Long-Term Investment
7/22/2020 33% of Cardholders Did Something That Could Hurt Their Credit Score During COVID-19
7/15/2020 More Than One-Third Delayed a Major Financial Milestone Due to COVID-19
7/9/2020 Nearly Half of U.S. Households: Income Declined Due to Covid-19
6/24/2020 Fewer People Losing Sleep Over Money Issues Right Now
6/18/2020 More Than Half Regret Their Emergency, Retirement Savings Concerning the Pandemic
6/15/2020 Nearly Three-Quarters’ Personal Finances Have Not Improved Since President Trump Took Over
5/27/2020 31 Million Have Withdrawn, Plan to Withdraw from Retirement Savings Due to COVID-19
5/18/2020 Only 35% Comfortable Visiting Local Businesses in Under a Month if Reopened by Memorial Day
5/14/2020 Credit Card Usage Soars at Grocery Stores, Restaurants During Coronavirus Pandemic
5/13/2020 Nearly 1 in 5 Has Diminished Savings Since Start of Coronavirus
5/6/2020 More than Half of Mortgage, Auto Borrowers Are Concerned About Making Upcoming Payments
4/27/2020 Growing Concern Among U.S. Adults About Paying Bills, Value of Investments Even as Stimulus Checks Go Out
4/16/2020 59 Million Have Lost Money on Canceled Plans Due to Coronavirus
4/14/2020 U.S. Adults Less Concerned About Paying Bills Since Stimulus Package Announced
4/8/2020 31% Think Stimulus Checks Won’t Sustain Them for One Month
3/31/2020 Majority Have Cut Spending Amid Coronavirus Crisis
3/19/2020 64% of Millennials Have Used Someone Else’s Subscription Service
3/12/2020 Nearly 1 in 3 Families Skipped Medical Care in Past Year Due to Cost
3/11/2020 More Than Three-Quarters Say Their Mortgage Negatively Impacts Their Ability to Save Money
2/20/2020 Just 49% Have More Emergency Savings than Credit Card Debt
2/18/2020 U.S. Adults Have More Than $20 Billion in Unused Gift Cards or Other Leftover Credits
2/13/2020 More Than 1 in 4 Do Not Know Their Mortgage Rate
2/10/2020 Millennials Have High Valentine’s Day Expectations
1/23/2020 More Than Half of Rewards Cardholders Are Missing Out on Rewards
1/22/2020 Only 4 in 10 Could Pay an Unexpected $1,000 Expense From Their Savings
1/16/2020 Most Americans Don’t Expect Finances to Improve This Year
1/15/2020 Minorities, Millennials Among Those Who Pay the Most Bank Fees
12/19/2019 Half of Workers Did Not Get a Pay Increase This Year
12/18/2019 46% of Americans With $100k or more in Net Worth Struggle with Credit Card Debt
12/12/2019 Lowest Earners Spend Disproportionately on Lottery Tickets, Other Financial Vices
11/25/2019 Most Americans Expect to Spend the Same or Less This Holiday Season
11/21/2019 More than Half of American Workers are Behind on Their Retirement Savings
11/20/2019 Only 35% Owe Less on Credit Cards Relative to Past Decade
11/13/2019 38 Million Willing to Boycott Holiday Gift-Giving to Save Money
10/24/2019 Despite Safety Concerns 64% of U.S. Debit or Credit Cardholders Save Their Information Online
10/23/2019 67% Say Finances Have Not Improved Since Last Election
10/16/2019 4 in 10 are Not Prepared for a Recession
10/2/2019 Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawals Cost More Than Ever
9/26/2019 Just Under Half of Those Who Lent Cash to Friends and Family Suffered Consequences
9/25/2019 America’s Top Financial Priority is Simply Keeping up With Bills
9/11/2019 High Cost of Living, Student Loan Debt Force Determined Millennial Homebuyers to Get Creative
8/28/2019 58% of Millennials Have Been Denied At Least One Financial Product Because of Their Credit Score
8/26/2019 Ranking: The Most and Least Valuable College Majors
8/21/2019 Only 29% of Working Americans Have Increased Their Retirement Savings Contributions
8/14/2019 68% of Americans Have Skipped Recreational Activities in the Past Year Due to The Cost
7/29/2019 Parents: Back-to-School Shopping Nearly as Daunting as the Holidays
7/17/2019 Real Estate Remains Americans’ Preferred Long-Term Investment
7/10/2019 Nebraska is the Best State to Retire
6/27/2019 More Than Half of Americans Lose Sleep Over Money
6/26/2019 4 in 10 Say Economy is Weak — Experts Unanimously Disagree
6/20/2019 1 in 3 Will Accrue Credit Card Debt from Summer Childcare Expenses
6/13/2019 47 Million Are Worse Off Now Than Before the Great Recession
6/5/2019 Nearly Half of U.S. Workers Have a Side Hustle
5/30/2019 129 Million Don’t Realize Negative Impacts of Cancelling Credit Cards
5/29/2019 America’s Top Financial Regret is Failure to Save
5/23/2019 7 in 10 Americans Earn Less Than 2% APY on Savings
5/13/2019 The Best and Worst Metros to Build an Emergency Fund
4/25/2019 39 Million Can’t Afford a Summer Vacation
4/24/2019 50% Sacrifice Retirement Savings to Financially Support Adult Children
4/17/2019 Americans Three Times as Likely to Single Out Politics as Biggest Economic Threat
4/11/2019 Millennials Redefine First-Date Finances
4/1/2019 30% Who Declined a Wedding Invite Due to Cost Were Negatively Impacted
3/18/2019 San Francisco is the Worst Metro for First-Time Homebuyers
3/14/2019 21% of Working Americans Aren’t Saving Anything at All
2/28/2019 63% of Millennial Homeowners Have Buyer’s Remorse
2/27/2019 73% of Millennials with Student Loan Debt Have Delayed a Major Milestone as a Result
2/13/2019 74 Million Americans Have More Credit Card Debt Than Emergency Savings
2/6/2019 Men Have Higher Expectations for Valentine’s Day
1/16/2019 More than 1 in 3 Americans Would Go Into Debt to Pay a $1,000 Emergency Expense
1/14/2019 Majority Don’t Think Their Finances Will Improve in 2019
12/12/2018 6 in 10 Employed Americans Report No Salary Increase This Year
12/05/2018 California Still the Worst State for Drivers, North Dakota is the Best
11/28/2018 43% of Americans Say the Political Environment is the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Economy
11/19/2018 45% of Americans Have Felt Pressured to Overspend on Holiday Gifts
10/31/2018 Millennials, Baby Boomers Disagree About Sharing Salary Information
10/24/2018 Majority of Americans Feel Their Finances Have Not Improved Since 2016 Election
10/17/2018 66% of Americans are Limiting Spending
10/10/2018 Banks Charge Non-Customers Record Amount to Use Their ATMs
09/19/2018 24 Million Would Tap Home Equity to Keep up With Household Bills
09/12/2018 Lowest Earners Spend 13% of Their Income on These Financial Vices
09/10/2018 Ranking the Most and Least Valuable College Majors
08/22/2018 More Americans Ramping Up Retirement Savings
08/16/2018 Older Millennials Are the Most Stressed Age Group
08/08/2018 America’s Growing Health Crisis for Women
07/25/2018 Millennials Prefer Cash as Long-Term Investment
07/18/2018 Americans Reveal Ideal Ages for Financial Milestones
07/12/2018 South Dakota is the Best State to Retire
06/25/2018 37% Have a Side Hustle
06/20/2018 Many Americans are Satisfied with Their Inadequate Emergency Savings
06/07/2018 6 in 10 Americans Don’t Know How Much Money They Need to Retire
05/23/2018 1 in 4 Can’t Afford a Summer Vacation
05/21/2018 Credit Unions Are Fee-Friendly Option for Consumers
05/16/2018 49% Have Not Begun Addressing Their Biggest Financial Regret
05/10/2018 Easiest and Hardest Metros to Build an Emergency Fund
04/25/2018 62% of Homeowners Don’t Ever Plan to Move
03/28/2018 How Much Should Guests Expect to Spend This Wedding Season?
03/19/2018 Just Six Percent Were Net Sellers During Stock Market Correction
03/14/2018 Despite Improving Economy, 1 in 5 Working Americans Aren’t Saving Any Money
03/05/2018 Only 24% of US Workers are Aware of Changes in their Pay Check Due to Revisions in the Federal Tax Law
02/22/2018 1 in 3 Does Not Have More Savings Than Credit Card Debt
02/14/2018 Homeowners Spend Average of $2,000 Per Year on Maintenance Services
02/08/2018 63% of Smartphone Users Have One or More Financial Apps
02/01/2018 American Workers Report Strong Job Satisfaction
01/18/2018 Just 39% of Americans Can Pay for a $1,000 Unexpected Expense
12/26/2017 Just 23% Believe Elected Leaders Will Positively Impact Finances
11/28/2017 Americans’ Favorite Ways to Give to Charity
11/20/2017 Pittsburgh is the Best City to Retire
11/14/2017 Majority of Americans Not Getting Salary Increases
10/24/2017 Millennials More Than Twice as Likely to Limit Spending to Save More
10/23/2017 Lowest-Income Americans Pay Three Times as Much for Checking Accounts
10/02/2017 ATM Fees Set New Record; Up 55% in Past Decade
09/28/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change
09/27/2017 Americans Fear D.C. Politics More than North Korea
09/21/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Move Back Above 4 Percent
09/18/2017 Nearly Half of Americans Plan to Make a Substantial Purchase This Year
09/13/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rebound Slightly
09/07/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Dip for 3rd Consecutive Week
08/31/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Set 2017 Low
08/30/2017 Millions Have Already Booked Holiday Travel
08/24/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Tie Lowest Level of 2017
08/16/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Remain in Holding Pattern
08/15/2017 Percentage of Working Americans Saving More for Retirement Highest in Six Years
08/09/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Mostly Steady Amid Summer Doldrums
08/03/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall for 4th Week in a Row
07/27/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Inch Lower as Fed Holds Rates Steady
07/20/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Retreat for Second Week in a Row
07/20/2017 Millennial Spending Habits Differ From Older Generations
07/19/2017 Real Estate is Americans’ Favorite Long-Term Investment
07/13/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Move Lower
07/12/2017 Over 44 Million Americans Have a Side Hustle
07/06/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise
06/29/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Inch Higher
06/28/2017 New Cars Unaffordable for Most Americans
06/26/2017 Millennials Struggle with Financial Vices
06/22/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nudge Higher, But Remain Near 7-Month Lows
06/20/2017 Nearly 1 in 4 Has No Emergency Savings
06/15/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hovering at 7-Month Lows
06/08/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit 7-Month Low
06/07/2017 1-in-4 American Families Have Not Sought Medical Attention Due to Cost
06/01/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates At Lowest Since Mid-November
05/25/2017 Houston is the Best City to Start a Career
05/25/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit Six-Month Low
05/23/2017 73% Have Financial Regrets
05/18/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide to 5-Month Low
05/17/2017 Millennials Think Parents Should Stop Helping with Bills at Earlier Ages
05/11/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rebound Slightly
05/10/2017 42% of Americans Say a Person’s Credit Score Affects Romantic Interest
05/04/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Dawdle Leading Up to Fed Announcement
04/27/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Slight Rebound
04/24/2017 Political Climate is Biggest Economic Risk
04/20/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Drop to 2017 Lows
04/19/2017 Wedding Gift-Giving Tendencies Vary by Region
04/13/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slip Amid Geopolitical Tensions
04/12/2017 3 in 10 Have Never Redeemed Credit Card Rewards
04/06/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Lowest Since Mid-January
03/30/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change
03/29/2017 Best and Worst States to Retire
03/23/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Reverse Course
03/21/2017 Americans Feel Better About Savings for First Time in Six Years
03/16/2017 Mortgage Rates Hit Multi-Year Highs Ahead of Fed Meeting
03/13/2017 Free Checking Reaches New High at Credit Unions
03/09/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Jump to Nearly 3-Year High
03/06/2017 Just 6% Plan to Splurge with Their Tax Refund
03/02/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rebound Following President’s Speech
02/28/2017 California the Toughest State for First-Time Homebuyers
02/23/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide Back
02/22/2017 Americans Losing Ground in the Battle between Debt & Savings
02/17/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Bound Higher on Inflation Pickup
02/09/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Pull Back on Political Uncertainty
02/09/2017 Americans Overoptimistic About Homeownership This Year
02/02/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slightly Changed as Fed Holds Steady
01/26/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Return to Highest Level in More than 2 Years
01/24/2017 Fears Grow Over Rising Interest Rates
01/19/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall for 3rd Consecutive Week
01/12/2017 Nearly 60% of Americans Can’t Afford Common Unexpected Expenses
01/05/2017 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide to Start 2017
12/29/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Notch Higher for 9th Consecutive Week
12/22/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit 27-Month High
12/19/2016 52% of Working Americans Will Give Up Vacation Days this Year
12/15/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Climb
12/13/2016 Iowa is the #1 State for Drivers, California is Last
12/08/2016 Americans Divided on Financial Impact of the Presidential Election
12/08/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to March Higher
12/01/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise
11/23/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Highest Since Early January
11/22/2016 Less Than 1-in-4 Americans Plan for In-Store Shopping on Black Friday
11/16/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Biggest Weekly Increase Since June 2013
11/15/2016 48% of Americans Have Seen Their Pay Increase over the Past Year
11/10/2016 Americans are Divided on Holiday Gift Preferences
11/09/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Spike After Trump Victory
11/03/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Inch Higher
10/26/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Mostly Unchanged
10/24/2016 Best/Worst Metro Areas for Building Wealth
10/20/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Movement
10/18/2016 65% of Americans are Limiting Their Monthly Spending
10/12/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Jump to 4-Week High
10/11/2016 41 Million Americans Have Had Identities Stolen
10/06/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Notch Higher
10/04/2016 ATM Fees Set New Record High; Overdraft Fees Are Down
09/29/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall to Nearly 3-Month Lows
09/22/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Down Slightly
09/15/2016 Bankrate: Fed Fears Drive Rates to 3-Month High
09/13/2016 Americans Say the Presidential Election is the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Economy
09/08/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Stay the Course
09/07/2016 7 in 10 Americans Plan on Working during Retirement
09/01/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates in Summer Doldrums
08/31/2016 Best and Worst Metro Areas for Homeowners
08/25/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change
08/18/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates in Holding Pattern
08/16/2016 31 Million American Workers Are Saving More for Retirement
08/11/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Remain at 2nd Lowest Level of 2016
08/09/2016 Hawaii Has the Highest Closing Costs, Pennsylvania Has the Lowest
08/04/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slump on News of Disappointing Economic Growth
08/01/2016 Nearly 9 in 10 College Graduates Say College is a Good Investment
07/28/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue Post-Brexit Rebound
07/21/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nose Higher
07/19/2016 54 Million Americans Prefer Cash as a Long-Term Investment
07/14/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rebound Slightly
07/13/2016 Top Checking Account Sign-Up Bonuses Available Right Now
07/07/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates at 2nd-Lowest Level on Record
07/06/2016 Only 1 in 3 Millennials are Investing in the Stock Market
06/30/2016 New Cars Unaffordable in All Major U.S. Cities
06/30/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Plunge to 3-Year Low Following Brexit Vote
06/27/2016 Arlington, Va. is Best City to Retire
06/23/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rise Ahead of Brexit Vote
06/21/2016 66 Million Have No Emergency Savings
06/16/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Lowest in More Than 3 Years
06/13/2016 Nearly 2 in 3 Millennials Do Not Have a Credit Card
06/09/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Sink Lower
06/02/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Drift Lower
05/26/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Rise for Second Consecutive Week
05/23/2016 Senior Citizens’ Incomes Fall Short in 47 of 50 States
05/19/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Moving Higher
05/17/2016 42 Million Americans Regret Not Saving Earlier for Retirement
05/12/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Drop
05/05/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Retreat for First Time in 3 Weeks
05/02/2016 78% Have Successfully Asked for a Higher Credit Limit
04/28/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hit One-Month High
04/25/2016 New York Named Best City for Launching a Career
04/21/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Post First Increase in a Month
04/19/2016 Financial Security Hits Lowest Point in 19 Months
04/14/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide for 4th Week in a Row
04/07/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates at Lowest Level in Nearly Three Years
04/05/2016 36 Million Homeowners Are Planning to Make Home Renovations This Year
03/31/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Fall
03/28/2016 Millennials Are the Best Savers
03/24/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slip Lower
03/17/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nudge Higher for 3rd Week in a Row
03/14/2016 78% of Americans Willing to Delay Tax Refunds Due to Identity Theft Fears
03/10/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Inch Higher
03/08/2016 Credit Unions More Than Twice As Likely As Banks to Offer Free Checking Accounts
03/03/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Slight Increase
03/01/2016 Wyoming the Best State for Retirement, New York the Worst
02/25/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates at 2nd-Lowest Point of 2016
02/23/2016 Only Half of Americans Have More Emergency Savings than Credit Card Debt
02/18/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Post First Increase of 2016
02/11/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates At Lowest Since May 2013
02/09/2016 Finances Are Preventing 45% of Non-Homeowners from Buying Homes
02/04/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall For Fifth Consecutive Week
01/28/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall to a 3-Month Low
01/28/2016 24 Million Americans Likely to Take Personal Loans This Year
01/21/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Drop Below 4 Percent
01/20/2016 41% of Americans Are Concerned About Rising Interest Rates in 2016
01/14/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Pull Back
01/07/2016 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Start 2016 on the Downswing
01/06/2016 63% of Americans Can’t Afford $500 Car Repair or $1,000 Emergency Room Visit
12/31/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates End the Year at 5-Month High
12/23/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Tick Higher
12/21/2015 Nearly Four in 10 Americans Haven’t Visited Bank Branch in Six Months
12/17/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nosed Higher Leading Up to Fed Hike
12/15/2015 Just 22% of U.S. Workers Expect a Holiday Bonus
12/10/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Tick Higher
12/07/2015 CD Early Withdrawal Penalties Bite into Principal at 89% of Financial Institutions
12/03/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slide for Third Consecutive Week
11/25/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Continue to Decline
11/23/2015 Americans Prefer Cash While Holiday Shopping
11/19/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slip Amid Global Terror Concerns
11/17/2015 More Than 1 in 3 Americans Claim Their Top Financial Priority is Managing Bills
11/12/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Are on the Rise
11/09/2015 Gift Cards a Consumer Friendly Choice This Holiday Season
11/05/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Jump on Talk of December Rate Hike
10/29/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Slip Further; Jumbo Rates at Record Low
10/26/2015 Houston, TX Named Best City for Building Wealth
10/22/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change
10/19/2015 American Consumer Horror Story: 77% of Americans Frightened of Identity Theft
10/15/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates at Nearly 6-Month Low
10/13/2015 62% Holding Back Spending
10/08/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Dip Below 4 Percent
10/05/2015 ATM, Overdraft Fees Hit New Record Highs
10/01/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Show Little Change
09/24/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Fall to 4-Month Low
09/23/2015 30 Million Americans Used Retirement Savings for an Emergency Over Past Year
09/17/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nose Higher
09/14/2015 Bankrate Inc. names Scott Kim as CEO of its Banking Segment,
09/10/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Hold Steady
09/09/2015 Credit Score Misconceptions Revealed
09/03/2015 Bankrate: Mortgage Rates Nose Higher