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preview for Oprah Shares the Importance of Creating Little Moments of Joy

Hi, everybody.

I heard a really moving story today when I was over in Lahaina delivering the generators that finally came. I met a wonderful gentleman named Kaipo who is running one of the resiliency hubs over there. That’s what they’re calling those pop-up shelters where people can come and get whatever they need—diapers, canned goods—and, in this case, use the generator.

I was so moved by what he had to tell me about the first night when everybody was just so stunned and had fled from their homes and were still in shock. They were all together with their children, and there was a decision made to buy Twinkies for the children. And when they passed out the Twinkies to the children, the children were so delighted to have the Twinkies that it brought a moment of joy—just for a moment—to the parents watching their children be delighted over the Twinkies. And he said, after that, every time somebody would do a small gesture or offer something in kindness, that would make someone smile or feel better, that they call them Twinkie moments. I really like that story, Twinkie moments. I told you, Kaipo, I was going to be quoting you about it.

So in the meantime, go well. Create your own Twinkie moments for yourself and for anybody else that you can. Have a blessed week.